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  興宇成立於1947年,1981年進駐香港大埔工業邨,為香港境內唯一生產汽車排氣系統的工廠。經營汽車零部件超過三十年,產品涵蓋各款高價轎車、流行房車、大、中、小型客車、貨車等的排氣鼓、排氣喉、催化器及不銹鋼跑車鼓。Soundrite 品牌排氣系統為行內國際知名品牌,出口地方包括歐、美、澳、中及東南亞,於本土,產品穩佔香港汽車維修市場八成以上份額。而當中的催化器裝置更是全球環保趨勢不可或缺的一個汽車部件。

Hing Yu has been in business since 1947.  Its Soundrite series of automobile exhaust systems include mufflers, pipes, catalytic converters, stainless steel performance exhaust parts and exhaust accessories.  Both the direct-fit/OEM and universal series fit almost 85% of vehicles on the road, which embrace American, European and Japanese cars and trucks.  The catalyst that Soundrite converters are using meets the latest requirement by the USEPA/CARB and the Euro Standard.  All performance mufflers are made out to mirror finish surface with low resonant tone.